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May 30, 2017

You have figured out your passion and/or your expertise. You have decided to pursue it full steam ahead. Now it's time to start building your brand. 

A brand is deeper than a company name, logo, and website, all of which I will discuss in this post. A brand is what people think about instantly when they hear about your business and your name as a whole. If negative thoughts rise in most people's minds then you have a branding issue and it must be corrected ASAP! However lucky for you, you're just starting out so you can build a solid brand NOW! Let's start with your business name.

It's important to always find a name that stands out from others, but also remains true to the culture of your business. Your business name shouldn't...

Why did I become an entrepreneur?

The answer is two fold, well not really. I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Always! I remember as far back when I was a kid and my imagination would run wild. I wanted to unleash a plan to take over Toys “R” Us and rename it Toys “For” Me. Clearly that didn’t work out.  But I had ambition at an early age and wanted to be the boss of something.

My grandmother use to be the neighborhood candy lady she would sell everything. It intrigued me how she would have an entire operation of (free labor) LOL as my mom & I would pick up her products from the supplier, my uncle would bag them, then she would sell them to the customer. I always wanted to be that way, to have an operation of my own. The older...

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