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May 23, 2017

Ok so now you have your vision of being an entrepreneur and working for yourself but what type of business do you start? For starters I can say this; do not chase the money!

Now I know you’re thinking “don’t chase the money? That’s the main reason why I want to be an entrepreneur I want to be filthy rich!” I get it and wanting to be rich should be a small part of it but the greater sense should be financial freedom. The ability to create opportunities and the desired life for yourself while have fun doing it! If you start a business with the sole idea to generate heavy profits sooner than you know it will feel like another job and you will become disenfranchised. So when you are mentally prepared to start your own business it should fal...

Why did I become an entrepreneur?

The answer is two fold, well not really. I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Always! I remember as far back when I was a kid and my imagination would run wild. I wanted to unleash a plan to take over Toys “R” Us and rename it Toys “For” Me. Clearly that didn’t work out.  But I had ambition at an early age and wanted to be the boss of something.

My grandmother use to be the neighborhood candy lady she would sell everything. It intrigued me how she would have an entire operation of (free labor) LOL as my mom & I would pick up her products from the supplier, my uncle would bag them, then she would sell them to the customer. I always wanted to be that way, to have an operation of my own. The older...

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