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July 6, 2017

Honestly, I would say about 90% of entrepreneurship is a mental battle. Especially when you are just starting out and you're still a relative nobody in the world of business. You will go back and forth over confidence. You will have anxiety, you will hit storms of depression. It's ugly. 

A huge reason why I made it this far in my journey is because I have learned how to transform energy. I believe this is a huge reason why many successful entrepreneurs are a success themselves. Transforming energy means taking the negativity that surrounds you and making it positive. Forcing the bad things to support your goals. It's a lot easier said than done but here are 3 Mogul Motivation tips I use that work for me;

1. Focus on a solution not the pr...

June 27, 2017

Money controls the world. It's just a reality you have to come to terms with. If money wasn't important then you wouldn't have to pay rent, mortgage, car note. You wouldn't have to pay for healthcare, hospital bills, groceries, etc. Unfortunately money is required for all of these things and more. 

You started your business to follow your dreams and make money while doing something you love. At this point you're a small business just a small tadpole in the ocean swimming amongst sharks. It can be intimidating in the beginning trust me I know. How can you, just a small time entrepreneur, gain success and wealth in a world that's over saturated. It will take some time it will take a lot of hard work however it's possible an...

June 20, 2017

"if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail..." -Benjamin Franklin, the guy on the $100 bill.

No matter if it’s a start-up or a Fortune 500 company. Every business needs a plan on paper.  It’s important to see where your company is now and where it is headed in the future.

The traditional sections of a business plan are as follows:

  • Executive summary - a snapshot of your business. This section is written last

  • Company description - describes what exactly you do, location of business, information on founders and their roles

  • Market analysis - research on your industry, market, and competitors.

  • Organization and management - your business and management structure. List who are the executive officers/board of directors, In mos...

June 15, 2017

So you figured out which business entity you will choose and now it's time to start making money right? Well not quite there is a major MAJOR task you have to handle before you do that. It will require a lot of number crunching and thinking but it's necessary!

  • What’s your Overhead?

Before you set a price for your product/service and start promoting your business you FIRST must determine what your overhead will be. Overhead are all of your expenses combined that is required to run your business. Here are two of the most common expenses you will have as an entrepreneur:

Fixed expenses: are the same amounts every month regardless of sales, production, or any other activity. Examples are: salary wages, rent, car note, insurance, Intern...

June 13, 2017

A little bit about me, my name is Kristan Shelton affectionately known to others as Krissy or Kriss. I started my non-profit H.O.P.E Group in January 2014. I started my organization as an opportunity to be a part of the change I wished to see in my community. Growing up in St. Louis, MO, I, like most, faced the statistical shadows that plagues many of our working and lower class citizens. The older I got the more I understand that I did not want to fall in the trap, literally and figuratively. After completing my Business admin degree in 2011 and 5 months away from completing my Masters of Public Admin degree (May 2014), I was working for a non-profit in Kansas City, MO and I felt it was the time to move forward with my own vision. H.O...

June 6, 2017

When first starting your business two of the most popular business entities for entrepreneurs are S-Corps & LLCs this post will focus on the pros & cons of both. 



•  Eliminating double taxation: In an S corporation, profits and losses are passed through to shareholders, and taxes are only paid once. Check with your secretary of state to see how S Corporations are handled. Some states do not recognize S Corporations and will tax them as a regular C Corporation. Also some states charge S Corporations a state tax, although the corporation will not have to pay federal tax.

•  Protection from liability: As the owner of an S Corporation, your personal assets are separate from the business’s assets and are therefore protected...

May 30, 2017

You have figured out your passion and/or your expertise. You have decided to pursue it full steam ahead. Now it's time to start building your brand. 

A brand is deeper than a company name, logo, and website, all of which I will discuss in this post. A brand is what people think about instantly when they hear about your business and your name as a whole. If negative thoughts rise in most people's minds then you have a branding issue and it must be corrected ASAP! However lucky for you, you're just starting out so you can build a solid brand NOW! Let's start with your business name.

It's important to always find a name that stands out from others, but also remains true to the culture of your business. Your business name shouldn't...

May 23, 2017

Ok so now you have your vision of being an entrepreneur and working for yourself but what type of business do you start? For starters I can say this; do not chase the money!

Now I know you’re thinking “don’t chase the money? That’s the main reason why I want to be an entrepreneur I want to be filthy rich!” I get it and wanting to be rich should be a small part of it but the greater sense should be financial freedom. The ability to create opportunities and the desired life for yourself while have fun doing it! If you start a business with the sole idea to generate heavy profits sooner than you know it will feel like another job and you will become disenfranchised. So when you are mentally prepared to start your own business it should fal...

Why did I become an entrepreneur?

The answer is two fold, well not really. I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Always! I remember as far back when I was a kid and my imagination would run wild. I wanted to unleash a plan to take over Toys “R” Us and rename it Toys “For” Me. Clearly that didn’t work out.  But I had ambition at an early age and wanted to be the boss of something.

My grandmother use to be the neighborhood candy lady she would sell everything. It intrigued me how she would have an entire operation of (free labor) LOL as my mom & I would pick up her products from the supplier, my uncle would bag them, then she would sell them to the customer. I always wanted to be that way, to have an operation of my own. The older...

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