Why I became an Entrepreneur

Why did I become an entrepreneur?


The answer is two fold, well not really. I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Always! I remember as far back when I was a kid and my imagination would run wild. I wanted to unleash a plan to take over Toys “R” Us and rename it Toys “For” Me. Clearly that didn’t work out.  But I had ambition at an early age and wanted to be the boss of something.


My grandmother use to be the neighborhood candy lady she would sell everything. It intrigued me how she would have an entire operation of (free labor) LOL as my mom & I would pick up her products from the supplier, my uncle would bag them, then she would sell them to the customer. I always wanted to be that way, to have an operation of my own. The older I got the more my imagination would grow. By junior high I wanted to have my own Theme park “Taylor’s World” clearly that didn’t happen either. In high school I took accounting and entrepreneur classes. My major project was a high school sports magazine titled “Century Sports”. The underlying dream throughout all of these years was to become a filmmaker, to tell stories.




By college my vision went absent; I lost sight of my true passion. I majored in radio/TV broadcasting because at the time my college (Western Illinois University) didn’t have a film major. I interned at WVON 1690 here in Chicago as well as WLS ABC7 the Chicago ABC affiliate. Once I graduated I wanted to pursue my studies and get my MFA at Colombia College Chicago’s graduate film program. I applied twice, I was rejected twice. I felt I needed film school to become successful. I didn’t have the confidence to go at it on my own.


The closed doors reminded me of the vision I had my entire life, do things my way, put my stamp on my own brand. No one can fire me if I start my own company. And no one can reject my own projects. So in December 2011 I scraped up the last $175 I had and incorporated my own business; T.R.U.E Stories Film Inc. I didn’t know what I was doing and I am still learning everyday. Vision is something that’s embedded deep down in our souls whether we know it or not, we don’t just wake up randomly and decide to start a business or decide to chase after our dreams it’s a seed that’s growing slowly over time. Not all of us have vision but the few of us that do have it we must pursue it by any means.




Now in 2017 my company, T.R.U.E Stories Media Corporation, has evolved into an umbrella for multiple services and products from photography, video production, clothing apparel, and producing original print & digital content. The purpose of this blog is to offer practical & real world advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. Advice I wish I had 6 years ago when I started. No I am not an expert on entrepreneurship. No I am not a millionaire, my net worth isn’t even 100,000 [yet].  But I believe and I know I will be a successful entrepreneur & millionaire one day and I want YOU to believe it also.


I became an entrepreneur because I wanted to and because I had no choice. Your decision will fall under one of these categories.

No matter how hard building a business or chasing your dreams may be YOU will be a success in due time. We are in this together!


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