Passion Pays

May 23, 2017

Ok so now you have your vision of being an entrepreneur and working for yourself but what type of business do you start? For starters I can say this; do not chase the money!


Now I know you’re thinking “don’t chase the money? That’s the main reason why I want to be an entrepreneur I want to be filthy rich!” I get it and wanting to be rich should be a small part of it but the greater sense should be financial freedom. The ability to create opportunities and the desired life for yourself while have fun doing it! If you start a business with the sole idea to generate heavy profits sooner than you know it will feel like another job and you will become disenfranchised. So when you are mentally prepared to start your own business it should fall within two categories if not both; passion & expertise.




Your business should revolve around a product or service that you are passionate about. How do you define passion? Ask yourself will you do it for free in a perfect world? If money wasn't an issue? If the answer is yes then that’s a passion of yours. Passion won’t feel like a job it will feel like an escape from this world when you really care about something. The second category is expertise. If you can't figure out what your passion is initially then your business should be something you are an expert in. It could be along the lines of your college major or in the field that you been working in for so long. The point is you already have a vast knowledge of how to run such a business and all you have to do is apply that knowledge to your own creation. Lastly you can have both! Your passion could be your expertise and vice versa. Once you follow one of these paths the money will come eventually. Trust me money is a by-product of passion! If you are going to be wealthy you may as well do something you love!




However you have to grind it out because it won't be easy! Go forward and make your vision come to life! We are in this together, I’m building my business as you are building yours. I have been an entrepreneur for nearly 7 years at the time of this blog post so I know the struggle all to well! We will get there, let’s just keep working.


Imagine Reality 













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