The Brand Begins

May 30, 2017




You have figured out your passion and/or your expertise. You have decided to pursue it full steam ahead. Now it's time to start building your brand. 


A brand is deeper than a company name, logo, and website, all of which I will discuss in this post. A brand is what people think about instantly when they hear about your business and your name as a whole. If negative thoughts rise in most people's minds then you have a branding issue and it must be corrected ASAP! However lucky for you, you're just starting out so you can build a solid brand NOW! Let's start with your business name.


It's important to always find a name that stands out from others, but also remains true to the culture of your business. Your business name shouldn't be a random thing it should have some sort of story behind it. My first "business" in high school, aimed to become an entertainment company but it never panned out, was called B.L.A.C.K.J.A.C.K. I always loved acronyms so I created one to fit my brand. It stood for "Brother Like Another Chi-town King, Just Another Cool Killa".  When I started my actual business in 2011 I applied this same formula to the name again. This time I bent the rules however. I have been asked a million times over the years what T.R.U.E stands for and that was part of my plan I knew the name would invite curiosity which would draw people to my services. It means Themes Riveting yoUr Emotions. And it worked for me. My point is when you choose your name make sure that it's something concrete not just random. Make sure the name of your business stands out no matter what you decide on. Once you have the name figured out google search and look on your secretary of state's website to make sure it is available. 


Next is the cosmetic things such as logo and website. This is where most people drop the ball. I understand in the beginning your budget may not be the best however it's still important you get the best quality you can afford. Save up and invest into a graphic designer that will be able to create the perfect logo that will reflect the culture of your business. Do not settle for Craigslist designer logos for $25 or some random person that has photoshop and uses it once a month. Search for a quality graphic designer that knows their craft and use them! I can't stress that enough I seen so many terrible and busy logos that ultimately turn me off. You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but a bad logo will turn people away trust me. Over the years your logo will change and/or become more refined but in the beginning you must still have a solid presentation. Once you have a logo now you need a website & domain. There are so many web hosting options available these days such as Wix, GoDaddy, WordPress, and many more. Research each one to see what plans work best for you. You need a web presence in this digital age. You cannot get by without having one. As soon as you meet someone within the first few minutes they will ask you "Do you have a website?".


When you hear the words Apple, Nike, Pepsi, Remy Martin, Walmart, Popeyes, etc. Certain images and thoughts pop into your head. Whether you support these companies or not the reality is they have built strong brands over the years and now their followings are so strong they are at the top of their respective markets. It all starts with creating the culture you want for your business. The name, logo, and website is just the beginning. I want T.R.U.E Stories Media Corporation to become a successful & prestigious media company. So everything I do in my personal life as well as how I conduct business reflects that culture and mindset. You must do the same. Always offer high end customer service, always do what you say you will do. If you make a mistake then make it up to the customer/client. Building your brand & reputation starts now and decades later it will be a powerhouse so you must protect it at all costs!



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