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June 13, 2017






A little bit about me, my name is Kristan Shelton affectionately known to others as Krissy or Kriss. I started my non-profit H.O.P.E Group in January 2014. I started my organization as an opportunity to be a part of the change I wished to see in my community. Growing up in St. Louis, MO, I, like most, faced the statistical shadows that plagues many of our working and lower class citizens. The older I got the more I understand that I did not want to fall in the trap, literally and figuratively. After completing my Business admin degree in 2011 and 5 months away from completing my Masters of Public Admin degree (May 2014), I was working for a non-profit in Kansas City, MO and I felt it was the time to move forward with my own vision. H.O.P.E Group stands for helping others persevere and excel. H.O.P.E Group is a service organization designed to provide resources and avenues to the community by providing access to tools and resources that will teach and allow people to help themselves. Growing a non-profit is hard task but networking became my saving grace. We have successfully assisted the community through our Clean up the Streets project, school supply and book bag drives, All about Soles [Souls] 5k and shoe drive, & other community collaborations. In the future, my goal is take my non-profit from a small community service organization to a full service Health and Community Center housing an array of activities, resources, and assistance to uplift, restore and improve our commUNITY.


Here is how YOU can do the same:


  1. Do your background research. Some important focus areas:

    1. Your non-profit’s name

    2. Vision/Mission/Purpose

    3. Identify prospects for Board of Directors

    4. Your target audience

    5. Search for potential grants and funding opportunities

  2. Visit your Secretary of State website:

    1. Register Fictitious name (approximately $10 depending on state)

    2. Register for Non-Profit corporation (approximately $25 depending on state)

i.Prepare your articles of incorporation including all articles required by your state

  1. Visit to obtain your Employee Identification Number for the non-profit

    1. Form SS-4 (can be completed by paper or online)

    2. There are numerous Non-Profit codes be sure you find the code that best matches your organization’s mission.

  2. Apply for 501(c)3 status*

    1. Complete an online or paper application at

  3. Promote & Serve

    1. Brand your business

    2. Social media is important

    3. Networking takes you farther than you may think

    4. Get out there and make a difference 😊


*Obtaining a 501(c)3 has been an extremely complex process in the past, however with the rise of non-profits the IRS has provided an easier process that many new organizations can benefit from. Most new non-profits expecting to generate revenue less than $10,000 annually has the option of filing for 501(c)3 status online, this is a good option and it is the cheapest! If you are not aware, 501(c)3 status is a federal tax-exempt status that benefits your organization as well as any business or person that contributes to your organization, as it allows their gift or contribution to be a tax-write off for charitable contributions. This is a win, win for you as the leader of the organization because it helps generate more donations and contributions AND it benefits your contributors because when they are filing their taxes, their contribution is now tax-deductible, and we love the word tax-deductible!!


*Things to Remember:

Obtaining grants and funding is tedious but important!


Everyone that loves may not support you like you think they should!


Make sure you have fundraising opportunities as well as options to for people to donate!


Stay focused and dedicated to your business, it is not all glamourous but the fulfillment is priceless!


Helpful Resources:



Follow us on social media @HopeGroup.npo and @KrissSoPretty


For more information about non-profits are getting involved with H.O.P.E Group contact us at


Website: – Under Construction


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