Hustle & Remain Hungry

June 27, 2017

Money controls the world. It's just a reality you have to come to terms with. If money wasn't important then you wouldn't have to pay rent, mortgage, car note. You wouldn't have to pay for healthcare, hospital bills, groceries, etc. Unfortunately money is required for all of these things and more. 


You started your business to follow your dreams and make money while doing something you love. At this point you're a small business just a small tadpole in the ocean swimming amongst sharks. It can be intimidating in the beginning trust me I know. How can you, just a small time entrepreneur, gain success and wealth in a world that's over saturated. It will take some time it will take a lot of hard work however it's possible and it is necessary that you do indeed grow into a shark of your own right. As you begin to do business and sell your product/service here are 5 Mogul Motivation tips that I used to keep my business going forward!


1. Treat your business like a real job, cause it is


It's very important that you approach your business like a real 9-5 and not just a hobby. Even if you aren't full time with your business you need to give it full time hours. I get it you are tired after work and it's only so many hours in the day. However you MUST dedicate a specific portion to your business every day. You have to answer emails, make posts, fulfill orders, send invoices. All of this takes time and it's time you must give to your business. It's going to be hard in the beginning but if you want to succeed you will go through this inconvenience 


2. Have a daily agenda


This can be considered an extension to #1. You need a daily agenda. Every night you need to take notes on what you must accomplish the next day. Do you have to send an invoice to a customer? Do you have to meet with a client? Do you need to work on a project? No matter what it is you have to take notes. It makes things more clear and allows you to efficiently accomplish your tasks. If you don't get it done in that day then roll them over to the next day's agenda.


3. Be Vocal


This is something I failed to do as much as I should have when I first started. But be vocal! Word of mouth is usually the greatest marketing tool us start-up entrepreneurs have. Do not be ashamed to talk about your business. Whenever you meet someone find a creative way to incorporate what you do into the conversation. I'm not saying you need to blurt it out and talk about your business only. No. That is annoying and people will not like you or support your business. But what I'm saying is you can't be hesitant to speak on it when the opportunity arises. And when you do speak about your business be confident [not cocky] and be proud. Who cares if you just started out and don't have a resume like Jay-Z. The point is one day you WILL and you must have that mentality now!


4. Focus on your strength 


Pepsi has dozens and dozens of brands. Don't be like Pepsi right now because you will be overwhelmed. At this point focus on developing and per-fecting one brand [product/service]. If there is a complimentary product or service that fits your category and won't require much more marketing then add that (such as photography & videography or cakes, cupcakes, & pies for example). However in the grand scheme of things you need to just stick to one general brand and use that to generate income. Once it gains traction then you can start to branch out and add other products or services. Or the contrary may occur, you may find your niche and narrow it down even more (such as portrait photography ONLY or wedding cakes ONLY) You will discover what you are most comfortable with and what sells the most. At that point you will follow that path. So don't start out trying to be everything and offer anything because you will lose money and burn yourself out.  


5. Work your plan


Remember last week we discussed business plans? Well this is why it's necessary. You have to work your plan. Most entrepreneurs get frustrated cause they aren't making [enough] money fast enough. The problem is one of two things; either A. You're not working a good plan long enough or B. You're working a bad plan. If the issue is the former then you just have to keep grinding it out it's no special secret to it. If the issue is the latter then you must get back to the drawing board and figure out where you went wrong. Reach out to FREE local SBA development centers they will help you with this and give you continued guidance with your business. Nevertheless you have to continue to stick to the blueprint you gave yourself before your business started!



How does all of this equate to you becoming wealthy & successful? Because all of these tips are required daily. You won't get rich overnight. Let that dream go. I'm nowhere near rich and I have been doing this for 7 years. You have to literally hustle every single day now that you have started this venture. That's half of the equation, the other half is hunger. You have to remain hungry. Hungry for success, hungry for wealth. Do not fall into the trap of contentment. Those who are content never elevate. Your hunger will continue to force you to keep working even when you feel drained and discouraged. Always remember why you started and never quit! Your business WILL grow over time, you WILL gain success, and you WILL become wealthy!



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