How To Transform Energy

July 6, 2017



Honestly, I would say about 90% of entrepreneurship is a mental battle. Especially when you are just starting out and you're still a relative nobody in the world of business. You will go back and forth over confidence. You will have anxiety, you will hit storms of depression. It's ugly. 


A huge reason why I made it this far in my journey is because I have learned how to transform energy. I believe this is a huge reason why many successful entrepreneurs are a success themselves. Transforming energy means taking the negativity that surrounds you and making it positive. Forcing the bad things to support your goals. It's a lot easier said than done but here are 3 Mogul Motivation tips I use that work for me;


1. Focus on a solution not the problem itself.


When unexpected problems arise whether it be low cash flow, overdraft fees, someone calling off or bailing on you at the last minute. No matter what the problem is there is always a solution to it. Seriously. As the boss you will take all responsibility for bad things whether they are your fault or not so you may as well focus on how to fix the problem from the start.  When the problem first occurs it's important you take a few seconds or minutes to yourself. Gather your thoughts and remind yourself that you are GREATER than this. Return to the battlefield and begin to find a solution. I promise you that you will find one! In my 7 years every time I do this I figure out a solution to my problem. The solution may not be immediate in some cases but it is there and you just have to weather the storm!


2. Remind yourself that the present is always better than the past


The grind is long. Especially when your business is going slow. You make a sale every now and then. Your business posts don't receive the same amount of likes and shares as other businesses, or as gossip & meme posts do. That can be demoralizing to think of at night when you're building your dreams. It may seem as if you're stuck in the mud forever but the reality is you're not. You are constantly learning and growing mentally so believe it or not you are moving forward although it's little by little. Even though we can't see or feel the earth rotating doesn't mean it isn't. The same goes for your business. It's best to always be in motion mentally as opposed to not at all. The fact that you are growing your business today is a lot better than never starting at all. Time will move regardless so we may as well be productive while it is. Once you realize that you will look at things differently. The future is bright you just have to keep fighting to get there. 


3. Be grateful 


Doesn't matter what your religion or spirituality is. The reality is there is something greater than all of us in the sky and that higher power hasn't allowed you to drown in the sea of big business. There is a reason for that. There is a reason you are here in this exact moment reading this blog. There is a reason your business has come as far as it did. It's a reason you started the business in the first place. Be grateful for the things you have accomplished so far no matter how small they seem. Be grateful for every sale you make, for every thing that works in your favor. Gratefulness trumps all negativity. When you are grateful you realize that no problem can deter you from your destiny. You will become a successful entrepreneur and you will get through this storm and the next. You will continue to become smarter, better, and more efficient we just have to continue to push forward. We are in this together!



All three of these tips have truly helped me. And they continue to help today when I feel negative energy trying to consume me. It's important that you try these along with other things that may bring you peace such as working out, yoga, music, even therapy! Whatever helps you get over that hump and at peace again that's what you should strive towards. Do not be hesitant to cut off negative people in your life either. They serve you no good!


Imagine Reality  



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