Why I Quit Every Job

July 11, 2017




FairPlay Finer Foods

Ultra Foods

Dollar Tree

Ultra Beauty Cosmetics (yes you read that right)

The Chicago Theater

CW Price


Home Depot


Those are the 7 employers I've had my entire life starting from my junior year in high school. I was never fired I quit every single one. 


Although some of these jobs I deserved to be fired due to performance (cause I didn't care) I never gave a company that satisfaction. I quit every job I've had simply because I wasn't made to work under a corporate structure, to build someone else's dream. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with working a job and I have nothing against those that have jobs. I honestly believe that having a business and a side job is a faster track to financial freedom than independent entrepreneurs. It's just that my mind is wired differently. I hated waking up and spending 8-10 hours of my day at a location I didn't want to be at in the first place! All for a check that barely gets me by...


Dealing with rude customers, asshole supervisors, and poor working conditions. My cousin from New York who is also an entrepreneur told me at a family reunion, "Fuck a job, jobs come and go but your dreams are forever". That resonated with me and it still does today. I've had the good fortune to have the flexibility to drop a job and pick another one up when I wanted to. I'm not married and at 29 years of age I still have no children. Although entrepreneurship is so unpredictable I always felt more secure and at peace when I was working for myself. I'm just different. However, even if you are married and have children you can still have this approach.


If you are currently working at a job you hate and you truly want to pursue your dreams. You need a strong support system from your significant other. They must be on the same page with you regardless if you dive into your business or find another job that is less stressful. No one should ever feel trapped in a job it's not the way to live. I hate seeing people in this trap. We should all feel free and do as we please. Like my cousin said, jobs come and go. Listen to episode 77 my Monday Conversation with Dr. Clarence Lee Jr. He goes into great detail about this topic. If you have an Android click here


So if you want to start that business or pursue your dream career go for it. Don't become content with working a job or afraid to step out on faith. You can always find another job to pay the bills if need be. I will tell my future employees the same thing I don't want them to work for me their entire lives I want them to use this as a stepping stone to get closer to what they truly want out of life. That's why I quit every single job I had. Because I couldn't get my mind off my dream job, T.R.U.E Stories Media



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