Marketing through the Mess

July 18, 2017



There was a time when all you had to do was purchase Ads on radio, television, and in the newspaper and your business would boom! But now we only listen to the radio as we drive to & from work. We watch TV but we don't sit during the commercials we change the channel or walk away, and seriously when is the last time YOU actually read a newspaper?


The "Big 3" as they were called are now dead. Or the "Big 4" if you include billboards. Now marketing is heavily digital. Social Media & internet Ads are the primary platforms to get your business in front of the masses. However, there is an issue here too; it's over saturated. Everyone is a photographer now, everyone is a baker now, everyone is a personal trainer, everyone is a entrepreneur it's a cluttered space. There are Ads everywhere for us to consume and this digital age has made us so lazy that our attentions spans are getting shorter by the day. So how do you effectively market your business through this entire mess. It will take some and you can't expect returns on investment (ROI) overnight. It will take a lot of thought and it will require capital depending on how large you want your marketing campaigns to be. But the most effective tactic for me in this space has been storytelling.


Learn how to write. Copywriting is essential to business marketing but it's YOUR story that you must write! Business is all about connecting with people regardless of what type of product or service you sell. Your story is what will bridge that gap. You started your business for a reason and we as consumers want to know your story. We want to know how resilient you are, we want to know what cathartic feeling you get when you make your product or provide your service. 


"It was very hard for me to find dresses that not only fit, but made me feel sexy. So I decided to create my own wardrobe and now I love the person I see in the mirror again."


"Summer is my favorite season. I love the smell of lemonade, good BBQ, and you know what else? I love the smell of fresh cut grass and the alluring green stripes in the yard"


These are very basic examples but these story snippets are riveting. The first is describing a plus-size woman who became frustrated with finding clothes for her size. So she decided to make her own clothing line that fit her curves according to her vision and now she is happy and strives to make other plus-size women happy as well. Because she understands THEIR struggle. The second example describes a lawn-care business. The owner has a passion for relaxation and calmness which is described by the BBQ scene he paints. But you can't relax if your grass is a mess you can't picture that scene with a messy yard and tall weeds can you? If you do it doesn't look as pleasant. So the owner is telling you "hey I will happily provide this service for you so that YOU can relax and enjoy your summer!" 


The key to marketing through the mess of internet/social media is to be transparent, tell your story. The story of why you started your business and the culture of your business. That's how you will connect with your target audience and that is what will attract them to do business with you. If you just blast people with Ads all day everyday with numbers and words like "BUY NOW!" you won't get very far cause everyone is doing that it can be overwhelming. Take your time and tell your story. One great story campaign that captures attention is far more effective than dozens of microwaved Ads trying to convert instant sales. Entrepreneurship is a marathon not a sprint & that applies to marketing as well. 



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