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August 15, 2017

A lot of what I discuss through the Mogul Motivation brand (podcast & blog) has roots in mental health for entrepreneurs. Because our career choice is still very much unorthodox even in 2017. We only eat unless we make a sale. Our bills are only paid unless we make a sale. We don't have a guaranteed check waiting for us every Friday. It can become extremely stressful to deal with this on a day to day basis. This is the life we chose however because we believe in our dreams 110%. Since we decided to create our own business and way of life why not create our own atmosphere?


The most important meal of the day is breakfast. The most important time of the day is morning. The start of your day, believe it or not, sets the tone for everything that follows. Of course things can always change from bad to good and vice versa, but the start of your day is when your brain is most active. As entrepreneurs we need our brains to be on point for majority of that 24 hour period. Here are some methods I use personally that have helped me create a positive atmosphere for myself as I start my entrepreneurial day.


1. Give Thanks


Regardless of what your religion or spirituality is it's important to pray a prayer of thanksgiving as soon as you wake up. Thank the higher power for allowing you to make it this far in your entrepreneurial journey. Thank the higher power for giving you another chance to succeed. Thank the higher power for everything that has been provided for you!


2. Wake up early


The earlier you wake up the more hours you have at your disposal. Try to wake up at least a hour or two earlier than usual. You will realize that you will get more work done opposed to when you wake up at your normal time.


3. Workout


Get your blood flowing. Even if you just do some push-ups and sit-ups. Do something to get your body alert and ready to attack the day. Health is wealth and we only have one body. We can't become millionaires or billionaires if we aren't in good shape. There is no fun in that. 


4. Stay off social media


For many solo entrepreneurs (including myself) this is hard. Cause we have to post on social media for our business and things like that. Then we fall into the trap of scrolling down our timeline and before you know it 20 minutes have passed! Train yourself to resist social media for at least an half hour after you wake up. If you can go longer than that then that's even better. The reality is social media makes us less productive. It's a distraction and we need to minimize those as much as possible. 


5. Listen to your favorite music


Whether it's Gospel, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rap (even Trap music), doesn't matter. Get your playlist together and let it flow. Music boosts our confidence and helps energize us. Good music is a massage to the mind.


6. Ignore negative people


They're in your family and they're on your social  media. They are all around you. You know who they are. Ignore them! Do not give them the leverage to control your emotions and dictate how your day will go. It's ok to ignore people, it's ok to put yourself first. It's ok to have your alone time, it's ok to block people on social media. Never fall into the guilt trip (negative folk's #1 weapon) there is nothing wrong with any of this and more! There is no room for negative people on your journey!


7. Remind yourself who you are


Never forget that you came further than most people. Never forget why you started this journey. Tell yourself that you are great! Give yourself daily affirmations that will strengthen you. It is important because most people you encounter will say things contrary to this. You have to motivate and encourage yourself above all else. 



These are some methods I use every day to create my atmosphere. I hope some of these and more can help you. We are all striving for the same goal just on different journeys. Remember you are not alone in this. Keep pushing and never quit we will get there in due time. That's a promise.



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