Respect the Process

August 22, 2017

I see it everyday on social media. I see these posts with people boasting about how they went from poverty to millions of dollars in just 12 months. I see all of these memes with inspirational text laid out over luxury cars and fancy boats. These posts are not truthful. They are not telling the truth because you will not be rich over night. You will not become a success in one year. You will make mistakes. You will fuck up. It's going to happen.


For many this is hard to accept because no one wants to go through the fire. The hardship of entrepreneurship. No one wants to accept the fact that you will be broke for a while, that many people close to you (friends & family) will NOT support your business. You have to grow and learn. You must learn how to truly run and own a business. Everything that I know now I learned from trial&error, reading, and shadowing successful entrepreneurs. The picture above is from early 2012. I was hired by a park district to document their new playground developments for the spring. They cut me a $1,000 check upfront. It was the first time I made a grand in business and I was excited as hell. I had just incorporated my business a few months prior and I'm already getting checks?!! The money was gone fast. I didn't have any major bills back then so I can't use that excuse it was just the fact I didn't know how to manage income properly. I had to learn cash flow management and budgets as a business owner. 


You have to respect the process. From 2011 to now I have seen my business grow into a thriving digital media company. There are many skills you will learn throughout your entrepreneurial journey and you will continue to learn. I'm still learning A LOT! But the process is crucial to the growth of your business. Never forget that fast money doesn't last. Why would you want to be successful overnight? You won't appreciate it and you will blow through your assets and money just like I did with my $1,000 gig. 


Additionally, to respecting the process you have to create solid processes for your business. A solid sales process, a solid process for paying yourself, employees, freelancers and etc. Once you create these you must respect it and enforce others to respect it. If you require potential clients to email you then enforce that and don't engage them via social media. Don't be afraid to lose out on the sale because if they are serious they will follow your steps. You are a real business regardless how small or how young you are the fact is YOU ARE A REAL BUSINESS! As you grow your processes will evolve but nevertheless stick to them!


Think about the long haul not the right now. I know things are hard right now, money may be low and sales may be slow. This is apart of that fire I mentioned. You have to push through and never lose sight of the big picture. You will get through it. I made it through and I am still pushing through more fire. We will grow, we will be successful, WE WILL WIN!



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