From Shrimp to Sharks

October 12, 2017



I love Shark Tank. It's one of my favorite shows on television. Watching other entrepreneurs pitch their dreams to a panel of millionaires & billionaires is exciting. Of course I wish I was in their position with the opportunity to solicit an investment for my business. Then it dawned on me, I don't want to pitch to the sharks, I want to BE THE SHARK!


Your business may be new to the ocean of free enterprise and you may be relatively unknown, but it's no excuse to have your head down. Daymond John, Mark Cuban, and many more started out like you; with nothing. Sure an investment would be lovely as you work hard to scale your business but we must lose the mentality that we NEED an investment. There are plenty of successful entrepreneurs that have literally grown their business from small time to multimillion dollar empires with the investment of their time, faith and hard work! There is no secret formula it's just the nitty gritty reality of grinding every single day.


I can tell you for a fact that in 2017 my business has grown big time since 2011. I never received an investment I just prayed constantly and kept at it, and I will continue to do so. One day you won't be a shrimp in the ocean of business YOU will be the shark receiving pitches from others. 


Imagine Reality 




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